Staying Analog in a Digital Age

I have a weird obsession with analog notebooks.

I describe my love for notebooks as weird, because few people understand this adoration in a digital age. They probably shun the notebook because papers attract clutter, (Thank you Notebook Stories/ Grandluxe for never judging me.)

Since age 14, I have kept notebooks to keep track of news leads, travel adventures, and my notes on life.

I admit some of the entries are painful to read, (I tried to write poetry between 2004-2005,) but for the most part, I love reading through the lens of the person I used to be.

As I grow older, I have become more careful about the information I share online. I use social media for work more often than personal reasons. Despite living in a digital age, I appreciate that the positive and negative milestones in my life remain tangible to me. (I’m keeping the poetry to myself, you’re welcome.) I am not sure if there is any reason to analog notebooks besides the personal, but I’m always curious to see what roles they play, and what growth they inspire offline.


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