Fiesta 2016: Festive Cocktails and Bites

Fiesta San Antonio is an annual celebration of the food, art and culture that make San Antonio such a unique destination. Thousands of locals, visitors and families will enjoy the various Fiesta parades this weekend. Whether you’re looking to be part of the parades, medal exchanges and after parties,  or you prefer to get away from the crowds, there are bars and restaurants throughout the city with … Continue reading Fiesta 2016: Festive Cocktails and Bites

Miró arrives in S.A.

Joan Miró is synonymous with bold colors, abstract designs and creative innovation.  The Spanish-born artist created hundreds of paintings, sculptures and drawings throughout his lifetime, but he is best remembered for his friendship with fellow Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, and the playful and colorful compositions that he developed during the second half of his career (1963-1981.) In the McNay Art Museum’s newest exhibit, “Miró: The Experience of Seeing,” Texans … Continue reading Miró arrives in S.A.

National Oyster Day : San Antonio

August 5 is National Oyster Day! There’s plenty of ways to celebrate this delicious occasion at restaurants and bars in San Antonio.  Stop by MAX’s Wine Dive for the Nacho Mamas Oysters, $9.75 for a half-dozen or $18 for a full dozen. The plate features Gulf Coast Oysters fried with a mixture of garlic aioli, spicy Habanero salsa and cilantro. If you’re looking for something that … Continue reading National Oyster Day : San Antonio


Artist Frida Kahlo led a complicated life, but her work and style has become in a word, iconic. Kahlo’s life began and ended in Mexico City, where she created some of best-known paintings, married (and divorced and remarried) artist Diego Rivera and rocked an incredible mustache. Kahlo created more than 250 paintings during her lifetime, but she is best remembered for her striking self-portraits and still life … Continue reading CULTURE FOCUS: FRIDA KAHLO

Art Revisited: A Conversation with Christian Marclay

Artist Christian Marclay uses the world of performance art to make bold statements. Although Marclay has been recognized for his creative innovation since the ’70s, he is often remembered for his video piece “Guitar Drag,” which he created during his 1999 residency at Artpace. The video shows a pickup truck dragging an electric guitar along a Texas road in a violent manner, drawing parallels to the 1998 case … Continue reading Art Revisited: A Conversation with Christian Marclay